Radial Gallery is pleased to present PROM’s inaugural collaborative project, conceived like a TV show across three mini-episodes:

Airs 15.02

Airs 22.02

Airs 1.03

PROM is an audiovisual production team comprised of Federico Pozuelo, Martín Alexandre, Javier R.R. and sonic artist MGMØ. They used to share creative quarters when their paths first intersected in Madrid; now they collaborate long-distance—Federico is based in Carrara, Italy; his projects often link geological materiality with digital metadata. Martin lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is focused on producing work that implements subversive prostheses, highly-coded interactions, and human perception. Currently living in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Javier combines his research projects with a collaborative art practice. Finally, MGMØ is stationed in Valladolid, Spain, where he is cultivating his sonic identity. His sound is informed by the traditions of Detroit and Dusseldorf music, while he also burrows into the roots of Bakalao and the particulars of Spain’s electronic music history.

Prom can refer to a group of individuals belonging to the same generation, or a ball at the end of an academic year. In computer memory terms, PROM also refers to programmable read-only memory, a form of digital memory where the setting of each bit is locked by a fuse or anti-fuse, meaning that the data in them is permanent and cannot be changed.

ORIENTATION / INDUCTION / LAUNCH will be viewable at undisclosed times throughout the duration of PROM's Radial Gallery intervention, here:
After each episode premieres, they will be viewable on this page, too.

Radial Gallery, 2018